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Miruku Named 2024 'Top 10' Future Food Tech Asia Awardee

Miruku is delighted to announce that we have been named a 2024 'Top 10' Future Food Tech Asia awardee. Selected by a Cargill-sponsored evaluation panel from across the Asia Pacific region, Miruku was the sole representative in the field of new crop ingredient development.

The 2024 event took place in Singapore on 15-16 May, where Miruku presented our climate-hardy dairy seed system. CEO Amos Palfreyman explained how Miruku is pioneering the introduction of new classes of proteins and fats that have, until now, only been produced by animals or through costly precision fermentation systems. He highlighted how Miruku’s plant-grown animal ingredients will enable large food companies to economically replace animal-derived ingredients, thereby decarbonizing food ingredient chains without compromising on nutritional value or functional quality.

This year’s event marked a noticeable shift from a previous focus on precision fermentation platforms to the inclusion of molecular farming and an emphasis on the more efficient utilisation of traditional food sources.

We extend our gratitude to the team at ID Capital and the event’s key sponsors, Buhl and Cargill, for organizing another outstanding event in sunny Singapore.

Miruku's NZ management team
Miruku was named a 2024 'Top 10' Future Food Tech Asia awardee.


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