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Good news from the alt protein sector

The challenges being experienced by many firms within the alt protein sector have been gathering a lot of media attention this year, with some people suggesting that we are now starting to see 'the beginning of the end' for what they consider 'a fad'. There have been some great debate on this, and it would be fair to say it has sparked much reflection for many of us.

Now, the Good Food Institute (GFI) has just released a really interesting piece that we felt was a great counterpoint to much of the negative media coverage.

Seizing the moment: The 10-point story of alternative proteins not being told Headlines focused on short-term struggles reveal a major blindspot—scientists, policymakers, and industry innovators around the world are making real, on-the-ground progress on bringing delicious, affordable alternative proteins to more plates.

Even for those of us working in the sector, this was a wonderful reminder of the great progress that is being made that we often don't see reflected in the media. And Miruku even gets a mention - check out the 'Proof points' in Section 6. Plants and microbes continue to demonstrate new potential for transforming the way we make food.

The Miruku team are excited to be part of this emerging sector, and for the thoughtful insights being shared by those such as the GFI. Thanks guys!


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