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Helping Nature

We create sustainable, delicious, nutritious and affordable animal-free dairy. At scale. In our resilient Climate-Clever Crops. 

Our Approach

Our approach

We make climate-friendly plants that make dairy.

More specifically, we are developing a ‘Dairy Seed System™’ where our cleverly designed oilseed crops will produce dairy protein and fats in their seeds.  

These seeds can be planted, grown, harvested and processed into valuable ingredients using existing infrastructure, enabling us to achieve real scale. 

This revolutionary new approach will let us sustainably and cost-effectively produce the delicious and nutritious dairy proteins and fats that food manufacturers and consumers love.  

Our Team

Our team

We’re not just a start up, we’re a growing force for good.

Climate change is here.  Our vision is of a world where food security, sustainability, nutrition and deliciousness go hand-in-hand.  

Our team brings together world-leading expertise across key disciplines. We work with energy and creativity to unlock synergies and deliver results. 

Producing dairy in oilseed crops is challenging. We are succeeding. Join us.

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Our Mission

Our mission

At Miruku, we’re on a mission to create an improved, sustainable food production system that offers climate resilience and food security. Our solutions must be delicious, nutritious, cost-effective and at large scale if we are to achieve meaningful impact.

Miruku is addressing key global challenges:


1. Dairy is under pressure.

Intensive dairy production systems are unable to sustainably meet demand.

2. Plant foods do not deliver.

They lack taste, texture , nutrition and formulation flexibility – consumers don’t

love them!

3. Food security challenges.
An increasingly volatile global environment requires diversification of food production systems to ensure supply.


4. Climate impacting agriculture.

Changing weather and soils are affecting where crops can be successfully grown.

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